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I put this here because I really dislike my browser's Favorites feature. Plus, this is going to be available on the web no matter where I am.

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Technical Information


LDS Related


  • LDS Official Website
  • Mormon.Org - This is an informational site, intended to give non-members a friendly and easy-to-use overview of the Church and its members. Many members have profiles published on this site, and you can view some of them if you wish. If you want to see MY profile, just click My Profile on


  • Mormon Dialog - this is a privately-run discussion forum with all kinds of viewpoints. There are strong LDS folks that engage in discussions here, but also weaker LDS, former LDS, atheists, evangelical Christians, Catholics, and some that are hard to categorize. Discussions are moderated and really hostile people get banned. But even if you are an anti-Mormon you can still post there, as long as you keep it respectful and honest. My user name here is "Stargazer".
  • FAIR Mormon Support - this is a privately-run discussion forum that is intended to assist LDS members, former members or investigating non-members with faith issues. If you want to attack the Church here, forget about it. I am "Stargazer" there as well, but I have not been very active there.