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I've been hosting my personal web page on my domain clarkmichael.com, for the longest time, and while it did serve me well enough, it got to be a real pain in the neck to try to give out my web page address. Name reversed, check, surprisingly many people don't how "Michael" is spelled, double-check. So as soon as the .co top-level-domain became available, I jumped at snagging "MikeClark.co". I was very surprised, because there are lots of Mike Clarks out there. Early bird gets the worm, I guess!

As to hosting, my web page has been hosted in an ancient version of DotNetNuke (DNN), and its shortcomings became a kind of albatross around my neck. What I really wanted was to have a very fluid editing environment to work with, and DNN for all its good qualities did not really measure up. I tend to be more of a textual person, and after some time experiencing the MediaWiki platform as a Wikipedia editor, it seemed to me that something like MediaWiki might work better than DNN. Being a .NET developer myself, and having nothing to do with PHP and MySql, however, MediaWiki seemed to be kind of out of scope for me. I tried working with a MediaWiki clone developed in .NET, called ScrewTurnWiki, and began to be convinced that it would serve my needs. Unfortunately, the STW developers decided to throw in the towell. I could have still used it, but I had been hoping that they would add more MediaWiki features into the mix before I used it. Since STW is no longer being developed, and there are no decent .NET-based Wikis out there, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go with MediaWiki.

So here we are.