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Gertrud Jakumeit was the daughter of Adam Jakumeit and Urte Schakinies. She was born in Memel, East Prussia, Germany on 25 August 1913.

Individual Facts

Vital Statistics

  • Name: Gertrud Jakumeit
  • Sex: Female
  • Father: Adam Jakumeit (1875-1948)
  • Mother: Urte Schakinies (1875-1966)
  • Birth: 25 Aug 1913 in Memel, East Prussia, Germany
  • Baptism: 20 Nov 1904 in Memel, East Prussia, Germany
  • Death: 26 Dec 2004 (age 91) in Ulm, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany


  • Spouse: Hermann Otto Baltutt (1904-1945)
  • Marriage: 27 Oct 1934 (age 21) in Memel, East Prussia, Germany


Gertrud grew up in Memel, Germany (now Klaipeda, Lithuania), eventually marrying Otto Baltuttis in 1934, whereupon they moved to Gilgenburg, East Prussia (because of his military service). It was in Gilgenburg that their her first two daughters were born. After Otto's term of service was complete, they moved to Osterode, East Prussia (now Ostroda, Poland), where her last two daughters were born. During the time they lived in Osterode, Otto commuted to Koenigsberg, East Prussia's capital, to work as a machinist.

When the Soviet Army's advance penetrated the borders of East Prussia, the family fled via refugee train, but were overtaken by Soviet forces in the town of Preussisch Holland, where both Gertrud and Otto were taken into custody for forced labor. It is unknown what happened to Otto, but Gertrud was transported to the Ural Mountains in Russia, where she was forced to do hard labor in the forests and the nearby steppes of the Ural region.

After three and a half years of forced labor, she was returned to Germany and ended up in East Berlin, where she was reunited with her four daughters, who had miraculously survived as virtual orphans in the ruins of Preussisch Holland before being ejected from what had now become Poland with the rest of the remaining German population.

Eventually, she settled in Ulm, in West Germany, where she passed away at the age of 91 in 2004.