Caramel the Cat

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Caramel the Cat

Caramel is a lovely female tabby. She has delicate features, and is very friendly and loving to us, especially Wendy! We acquired her from a family at church who had to move to a home where they couldn't keep a pet. They called her "Jinnie", but Wendy's tradition was to name cats after candy. So she was dubbed "Caramel," though she gets called "Lara" quite a lot.

When she came to us she was pregnant (her second litter). We were expecting to thus acquire some kittens, of which we would probably keep two. Unfortunately, this litter didn't go well, and none of the kittens were born alive. In fact, there was a final kitten which seemed to be "stuck" and we had to take Caramel to an emergency veterinarian. A "c-section" was done, and this kitten was likewise not alive. Caramel had to be divested of her reproductive organs, so no more kittens!

In order to increase our "cat count", a couple of weeks later we acquired two male kittens from a family with a nice-sized litter, and we named them Kirk and Spock. These two brothers were young enough that they still remembered suckling from their mum, and after a short time Caramel and the boys adopted each other as parent and children -- and she even started suckling them!

Unfortunately, a few months later Kirk managed to get himself killed while crossing a road.