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My Writings is a small selection of some things I have written.


I've been a publisher since 2014, under the name Prospect Avenue Books. The books I've published under that name are:

  • The Bones of My People, the memoir of my late mother-in-law. I actually wrote it myself, adapted from a transcript of her telling her story to her daughter, Rita Baltutt Kyle.
  • Yesterday's Sandhills, the memoir of my later sister-in-law, Rita Kyle. It takes place during the same time frame as The Bones of My People.


For the past couple of years I've been working on completing a book about an English castle situated not far from my wife's house in Sussex. The castle is Bramber Castle. I have posted three YouTube videos about the castle, and they can be viewed on a playlist on my YouTube channel. Here is a link to that playlist: Bramber Castle





The Scriptures


  • The Omniscience of God - This is cosmology because it deals with the nature of the universe.
  • Hawking's Straw Man - Stephen Hawking's argument against the existence of God is not the slam-dunk he thought it was.