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Our Cats

Kirk and Spock were brothers, from the same litter. They came to us from the family who owned their mother, and at a time when Caramel, our sweet mommy cat, had had a failed litter with three stillborn kittens. After the obligatory catty hissing between newly-met cats, Kirk and Spock were accepted by Caramel socially, and they subsequently were adopted by her as foster sons. She was still in a motherly mood, and even suckled these two. Subsequently she was observed teaching the boys how to stalk prey.

We later lost Kirk to a car.

Why were they named Kirk and Spock? I was kind of expecting them to be named after candy, as previous cats had been, but inasmuch as the household are big Star Trek fans, well, there we are. I initially called them Cat 1 and Cat 2 (in honor of the Cat in the Hat's partners in mischief, Thing One and Thing Two). I didn't expect these names to be adopted (indeed, that would have been dumb), but the ones that were chosen surprised me. Oh, well. I didn't have the "naming rights" like I had with my old family cat, Sir Thomas More.

Former Cats