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This is just a semi-organized link farm of websites that I might use from time to time.


Science & Technology

General S&T

  • SciShow on YouTube - "SciShow explores the unexpected. Seven days a week, Hank Green, Michael Aranda, Rose Bear Don't Walk, and Stefan Chin delve into the scientific subjects that defy our expectations and make us even more curious! "


  • Anton Petrov on YouTube - "This is a (mostly) family friendly channel with the focus on science education, space video game, technology topics and programming/coding. All of the videos are meant to be informative and will teach you fun facts about science you probably didn't know."
  • SciShow Space on YouTube - "Every Tuesday and Friday, SciShow Space explores the universe a few minutes at a time."

Space Exploration

  • SpaceX - The website of Elon Musk's SpaceX
  • spaceXcentric YouTube channel - "spaceXcentric is the first YouTube channel dedicated to disseminating SpaceX news & information. 'SpaceX in the News' remains the go-to means for patriotic SpaceX fans around the world to quickly & conveniently catch up on all the latest intel they may have missed during their workweek. So strap in & enjoy the ride as together we dream, anticipate, & faithfully watch this epic adventure to the stars take shape in front of our very eyes."
    (Kevin Hehmeyer is a content creator, pilot, veteran, and Christian. Also a former science teacher, police officer, White House intern.)
    • Cloudlicker on YouTube - "CloudLicker is the personal channel of Kevin Hehmeyer (host of spaceXcentric). A place where Kevin can create whatever content his heart desires (except that which tech oligarchs censor). From paramotoring to gaming. Philosophy to politics. Wherever the tide leads."
    • Cloudlicker on Rumble


  • Geology Hub on YouTube - "This channel is dedicated to anything and everything geology related with an emphasis on volcanoes and their current eruptions. Topics include minerals, volcanoes, geologic oddities, and more! This channel is run by a professional geologist/volcanologist and informal gemologist who graduated from Arizona State University."


  • Just goofing around playing with Arduino. Here's a link to some code from a book I bought: Shiny-Guide


  • Geography Now on YouTube - "This is the first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that's down the road. "



Law and Politics

Mainly YouTube channels I find valuable for law and political views. There's a bit a trend here: mostly conservative.

Law YouTubers

  • Nate the Lawyer (Nate Broady) - "Nate Broady is a lawyer, former prosecutor, law enforcement officer, and Law School Lecturer. This Channel focuses on four topics Comics, Pop Culture, Life and Law. My mission is to make the law more accessible to everyone, whether or not you go to law school.
  • Viva Frei - Montreal litigator turned YouTuber - "Dedicated to increasing the global pool of happiness and goodness in the world, one quirky video at a time! Live. Be wild. And stay young. Even if your knees crack every time you get up. Peace out!"
  • Robert Barnes - Barnes Law - "Robert Edward Barnes (born April 11, 1974) is a criminal tax attorney, business law and civil rights law advocate. Robert Barnes is the founder of Barnes Law LLP, a Los Angeles, California based law firm specializing in IRS investigations, tax fraud, asset recovery, and private banking." From Wikipedia
  • Uncivil Law - "We discuss the law and the latest legal developments. Focusing heavily on the US Supreme Court, and also covering other interesting cases of note. We read the decisions of the court, and provide legal discussion of principles mentioned in the cases."


  • Tim Pool - Tim has a number of channels on YouTube. I've not quite been able to sort out which one these has what theme, although the IRL channel seems to be at least partly an interview channel, not merely commentary.
    • Tim Pool - "Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world."
    • Timcast - "Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel." He uploads these videos to
    • Timcast IRL
  • Anthony Brian Logan - Common Sense Conservative - "My name is Anthony Brian Logan. I focus on current events. I produce entertaining political videos as well as hard-hitting news stories. Check back here every Wednesday and Saturday night at 8pm/E for a live call - in radio style show (with video, of course)."
  • The Rubin Report - "The Rubin Report is the largest talk show about free speech and big ideas on YouTube. Each week Dave Rubin uses logic and reason to have honest conversations about politics, polarizing issues, current events, and more. Dave goes one on one with thought leaders, authors, and comedians in 'The Sit Down,' moderates opposing voices in 'The Panel,' and gives his unfiltered thoughts in 'Direct Message.'"
  • Candace Owens - "Sick of the "alt-left"? Welcome. I prescribe red pills."