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I like cooking. My step-mom Florence taught me how to make a few things, and then when I lived on my own and then served as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I learned even more. I don't have a huge repertoire, but I can definitely follow a recipe, and there are even a few things I have cooked enough times that I don't really need a recipe, just a list of ingredients, or for a few things (especially Chef John's chili) I just do it from experience.

I have some favorite sources of recipes, both online and offline (e.g. books).

Online Recipe Sources

Food Wishes: Chef John

He has been posting preparation videos for over a decade now, and you can find pretty much any kind of food on his YouTube channel and associated websites.

Darren McGrady

A retired chef who used to cook for Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle.

  • Rattling Pans with Darren McGrady - He says: "I am Darren McGrady, The Royal Chef. I have cooked for Kings, Queens, Presidents and celebrities all around the world. Now I get to share those stories and dishes with you here on this channel. If you are a fan of everything Royal, then I’ll be dishing on food favorites from my fifteen years rattling pans in the royal kitchens as chef to The Queen, Princess Diana and Princes William and Harry."

Adam Ragusea

Not a professional chef, but as he says, he just fell into it accidentally on YouTube.

  • Adam Ragusea - He says: "My name is Adam Ragusea. I cook in my house, and I show you how you can too (in your house, not mine). I like to use my head when I cook, but I have no time for being fussy or fancy. I post a recipe video every Thursday, and some other kind of video about food every Monday (usually with science)."

Tasting History with Max Miller

  1. The Strange Flavor of Parthian Chicken from Ancient Rome