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Wendy Knight, nee Dixon, was born in 1960, in Birmingham, England, to Derek Dixon and Brenda R. Course. She was previously married to the late Roger Knight, and has twin children, a boy and a girl, and four grandchildren thus far. On 3 March 2016 she and I were married in the city of Olympia, Washington, USA. By this marriage she has now acquired not only a husband, me (Mike Clark), but also twelve stepchildren, ten boys and two girls, and thirteen step-grandchildren! For the moment, she retains her previous married name.

A citizen of the United Kingdom living in West Sussex, England, Wendy works for the National Health Service of the UK. We plan to live together in England, at least for the near future, although I will retain my Washington state home as my primary residence. She'll help save English (and other) lives in the medical profession, and I will write books! This is what we're thinking of, initially, at least.

Besides visiting her children and grandchildren, she enjoys holidays in Austria, and sometimes holidays in places further afield, such as Washington state in the United States! We plan to do a bit of exploring in the more interesting parts of Great Britain, since I am rather a fan of English history with an insatiable appetite for visiting old ruins!

Individual Facts

Vital Statistics

  • Name: Wendy M. Dixon
  • Sex: Female
  • Father: Derek Dixon
  • Mother: Brenda Course
  • Birth: 1960 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England


Marriage 1

Marriage 2


For more about our courtship and wedding, see: The Courtship and Marriage of Wendy Knight and Mike Clark


I am a bit of a heraldry buff, and thought that I would design arms for Wendy.

Two things: her maiden name is Dixon; her previous married name is Knight.

Based on this, I decided to use the Dixon sept of clan Douglas's arms and a stylized image of a chess knight to create the Dixon-Knight arms.


Whether or not Wendy's Dixon line is a true descendant from the Clan Douglas associated Dixons I cannot say, but it could be. "Dixon" is a contraction of "Dick's son", and as a patronymic it doesn't prove any line of descent. But I'm not claiming anything other than this looks good. To me, anyway. By way of showing the origin of the main element of the Dixon arms, specifically the three stars in the blue field are found in the "chief" of Clan Douglas's arms.

What this leads to is this: with our marriage, Wendy now acquires the right to add her arms to mine. Here are my arms impaled by hers (per quarter):

ClarkDixonKnightImpaledPerQuarter 50pct.png

This makes for a somewhat complicated design, but still quite worthy, I hope.