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These are the books which I have either written or have helped write. So far there's only two. But maybe there will be more, later!

Prospect Avenue Books

These books are the ones I've published using our publishing company, Prospect Avenue Books.

  • The Bones of My People - the memoir of my mother-in-law, Gertrud Baltutt. She was taken as a forced laborer by the Soviets, and spent 3 1/2 years at hard labor in the Ural Mountains region of the Soviet Union. I ghost-wrote this book, basing it on a transcript of an audio recording (in German) of her telling her story.
  • Yesterday's Sandhills - the memoir of my sister-in-law, Rita Baltutt Kyle. This book was originally written by Rita, with some editing and additions by me.

Similar Books

There were a lot of young Germans who found themselves in similar hazardous circumstances after World War II, and some of them also wrote books: Post-War Autobiographies.