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I blog on an irregular basis, and even worse, I separate my blogging into two or three (or four? yep) platforms, all on WordPress. Why do I separate them? Because I want to try to keep my technical blog(s) separate from my wild opinionated blog, and from my business blog.

Personal Blogs

  • Cyberherbalist's Blog - this is my primary blog, although I tend to keep my political opinions out of it.
  • Developer Dude's Blog - this was my work-related technical blog, and since I've retired, I don't pay much attention to it any longer. Not that I did when I was still working.
  • Random Writings - I write blogs and I write books, but I also write some random things. You'll find some of these here.

Bloviating Opinion Blog

  • I Was About To Say - Here I blog about politics, and is where I am at my most opinionated.

Business Blogs