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Welcome to Mikepedia,
the private wiki that no-one but Mike can edit.
75 articles in English

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About This Wiki

This is a private wiki, meaning that only I can edit its content. So it might not be as interesting to others as a collaborative wiki can be. But since the purpose of this wiki is to be what I want it to be, well, that should explain it.

The whole point of this Wiki is for me to post content I want to place where I can easily get to it, no matter where I am, and that I don't mind others seeing, that I want others to see. Most of it will be created by me.

About Me

Thanks to Tracy A. for "Mikepedia".

Table of Contents


News and Views

The image that appears in the upper left, where if this were Wikipedia the Wikipedia logo would appear, is the personal family coat of arms I developed many years ago.

Other Mike Clarks

With such a unique name (ahem!) it is surprising to discover that there are other Mike Clarks out there! Actually, there are thousands of us out there, most of whom are as anonymous as I. But there are a couple of famous, or semi-famous Mike Clarks, and just for the fun of it, the following Mike Clarks are not me:

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Contact Me

If for some reason you wish to contact me, try email: Emailpicture.png