2015 Clark/Cooper Family Reunion

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Waltraut and family in April 2015

Due to my wife's impending passing away due to Cancer, we had an impromptu family reunion from about April 12 to April 22, 2015. Frank and Cindy made Olympia their last stop on their trip up to Rexburg, Idaho to attend their son Corey's graduation from BYU-Idaho. They arrived at our house a bit after midnight on the 12th. In the meantime, Pete and Jean flew in from Augusta, Georgia on April 14. Their visits overlapped, with Frank and Cindy driving back to San Jacinto, California early on April 17, and Pete and Jean flying back to Augusta on April 22.

At one time or another, all of Waltraut's children were here at the house for the gathering, although we didn't quite manage to have everyone at the very same instant. Close enough, though. Many photographs and a few videos were made, and as there are about 5 gigabytes worth, I'm not sure where to put them all. I suppose a selection should be made and posted, and this I will do, although I won't get it done immediately.

Family Dinner on 16 April 2015